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About Us

About Us

Who we work with

  • First home buyers
  • Buying a new home - mortgage
  • Upgrading your property
  • Accessing equity to complete renovations
  • Mortgage refinance loans
  • Buying an Investment property - mortgage
  • Property investment loans

Whatever your property finance needs we can help you get a great home loan in Cairns. We have access to property profile reports which give you an understanding of the market you are looking to buy into. We sit down with you and work out your borrowing capacity for loans and the sooner we are engaged the more we can assist in the financial process.

A property investor; or Looking to buy a property in your self-managed super fund

We would love to work with you and help you get the right home loan for your property in Cairns.

We’ve helped countless people in your situation “turn the tables” and “level the playing field” with the banks and insurers by creating a competitive financial environment in which these companies fight for your mortgage business. By creating this environment you can rest assured that you will have the most competitive choices for your home loan.

What home loan, mortgage refinancing products we offer

In addition to the usual business of home loans that the banks will seek to “pull you” into, Lauren and her team call upon their financial experience and knowledge of the banking sector to ensure that you are not only given the appropriate loan at the right rate but that you are given the right product.

In many cases, Lauren is able to deliver value to her clients by ensuring that their respective finance needs match with the appropriate finance product. In addition to standard home loans our team can access:

  • Interest only loans
  • Bad credit rating loans
  • Bridging Finance 
  • Top up applications
  • Redraws
  • Stand-alone facilities
  • Car loans
  • Foreign currency loans
  • Residential secured business loans.

No matter what your finance needs are, Lauren and her team will be able to match you with the right product.

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